Client: Samsung | Agency: Cheil Nordic
A total re-design of this landing page, with the purpose to market and sell the new insurance Mobile Care – a cheap insurance for all owners of a Samsung flagship phone. The design of this page serves to provide all information needed in order for the user to sign up right away. It presents two different payment plans, a comparison between this insurance and a regular home insurance plus a simple what-to-do-guide in case of an accident. The page has been optimized for mobile and designed in alignment with my design for other pages for various Samsung services. This project was only going to cover the Nordics but Samsung HQ was so happy with the design that they will roll it out globally.
Sticky nav | Prominent CTA | A/B-test: different colors on the CTA btn
The insurance partner for Mobile Care is Allianz. When designing the page it was necessary to include their hardcoded form. 
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